Almeida Consulting

Almeida Consulting Services takes business concepts to market, helping clients launch successful technology-based products and services. With a key strength in developing business models and value propositions, Almeida Consulting Services offers opportunity assessment and product conceptualization, product positioning review, market entry strategy, and product development and launch.

Almeida Consulting has helped a variety of companies bring new products and services to market. Projects follow a three-phase methodology:

Phase 1:

Product Concept:
  • Value Control
  • Planning for Profit
Existing Concept:
  • Value Analysis
Phase 2:

Product Concept:
  • Product Development
Existing Concept:
  • Cost Reduction
Phase 3:

Product Concept:
  • Product Launch
Existing Concept:
  • Increase market share
Opportunity Assessment & Product Conceptualization:

Starting with the seed of a product concept or a target industry, Almeida Consulting Services conducts an initial investigation to assess the market (i.e. establish market size/growth, segmentation, major players and trends) and refine / identify product concept alternatives. If appropriate, product concept alternatives are identified and ranked against predefined, weighted selection criteria: risk/return, resource requirements, and sustainability of competitive advantage.

Product Positioning Review:

For an existing product or service, Almeida Consulting Services investigates the market size/growth, product segmentation, competitive strategies. Industry trends and customer buying patterns. Customer polling and focus groups may be employed to test client needs / preferences. The result of this investigation is a time-phased product positioning strategy.

Market Entry Strategy:

For a new product concept or repositioning strategy, Almeida Consulting Services works with the client to refine and test-market product details leading up to the creation of an actionable market entry strategy. Customer polling, focus groups, mock-ups/prototypes and other tools are used to measure demand/acceptance, refine the product offering, and quantify the product value proposition. The market entry strategy addresses distribution channels, marketing programs, development timeframes, resource requirements, strategic partnerships, financial projections and development costs.

Product Development and Launch:

With a market entry strategy defined, Almeida Consulting Services works with client team members to develop the product and prepare for the events leading up to launch. Events include production ramp-up, partnership negotiations, channel negotiation, initiation of marketing programs, and inside/outside sales force training.
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